Sour “G” Farms™ is located in the heart of the Applegate Valley, a special bioregion which provides a unique environment allowing for 365 days of greenhouse cultivation. We specialize in: Greenhouse cultivation (long season), 4 season Greenhouse deprivation and indoor cultivation. Our Sour "G"’s share a combined 42 years of experience cultivating flowers.

We are dedicated to a 100% organic gardening approach with a full IPM system in place to ensure a holistic and 100% organic product is produced. Sour "G" Farms™ exclusively uses soils, fertilizers and amendments to create products that comply with NOP, OMRI and CDFA O.G.

Sour “G” Farms™ quality focus ensures a high quality, 100% organic cannabis that is fully flushed, properly cured, and hand trimmed to ensure maximum terpene and cannaboid levels with THC testing at 18-26% concentration.

Our feature strains include: NYC Sour Diesel, Banana Kush, OG Kush and Dogshit (aka “The True Columbian Gold”), with many exclusive cuttings from seed.

Sour “G” Farms™ provides Medicinal, not-for-profit products for patients in the state of Oregon and do not provide direct to consumer sales. Please ask your local dispensary for more information and availability of Sour “G” Farms™ products.

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